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Why San Diego Animal Training?

San Diego Animal Training, LLC offers industry-leading dog training services provided by experienced, Certified Behavior Consultants. Our positive reinforcement approach, based on the well-researched science of animal learning and behavior, has successfully helped hundreds of clients and their dogs.

Our new beautiful facility is located on over 29 acres in Warner Springs, CA on the North Mountain Wine Trail approximately 30 minutes east of Temecula.

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In-Home Training Services

Our private, in-home training is performed by Certified Behavior Consultants with many years of success in the industry.

In-home training offers several distinct advantages. By analyzing and addressing your dog’s behavior inside your home, we are able to:

  • Most accurately assess the root causes of behavior issues and develop a comprehensive training plan.
  • Observe your dog in context of the environment in which the unwanted behaviors occur.
  • Work with your dog in the most familiar, stress-free environment possible.
  • Completely control the training environment and prevent unwanted distractions.
  • Offer the privacy, convenience, and one-on-one attention that only in-home consultation offers.
  • Save you time and money.

Boarding Services

We cater to clients with special needs dogs that are difficult to board in traditional kennel facilities due to separation anxiety, reactivity to other dogs, fear of strangers, or other issues. We are happy to accommodate special diets, medical needs, as well as behavioral needs.

Unlike traditional boarding facilities, our clients’ dogs aren’t forced to stay in small cages or cold, sterile dog kennels. We pride ourselves on providing a home-like environment for each dog. Our enclosures have both a private indoor barn area and a fully-fenced outdoor yard offering a scenic view and fresh air. The barn is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and the the dogs are free to go in and out of the fully-fenced private dog yard as they please. Each dog yard also has a mister system, a fan, and an in ground pool to ensure that your dog is cool and comfortable in the warmer months.

Aggressive & Reactive Services

SDAT is industry-leading in our training expertise and one of the few companies in Southern California that specializes in working with aggressive and reactive dogs. We are fully-insured, and our  spotless track record is a testament to our attention to detail when it comes to safety management and training strategy.

We offer expert consultation regardless of the level of your dog’s aggression or reactivity. The foundation of our training approach emphasizes safety for both canines and humans.

We develop a training and management plan to prevent your dog from biting another person or dog. Taking a proactive approach against further issues will not only prevent further traumatic experiences, but can save your dog’s life and prevent a potential lawsuit.

Workshops & Classes

San Diego Animal Training has developed a wide variety of animal behavior workshops that can also be further tailored to your audience’s interest or needs. Presented by husband-and-wife duo Rachel Golub, CDBC/ CPDT-KA, and experienced animal behavior lecturer Dillon Horger, our workshops teach the most current, science-backed training techniques. We have workshops to help animal enthusiasts at all levels, from prospective and new dog owners to professionals in the field seeking to further solidify their skills.

Some of our workshops and lecture topics include:

  • Puppy Class
  • Dog and Child Safety
  • Dog-dog reactivity
  • Treating aggression with positive reinforcement
  • Behavior Basics
  • Dog behavior myths: what science and experience show
  • Advanced Behavior

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